Mind the gap between UK and Denmark

The small, but no less  valuable UK team landed successfully at London Stansted airport in the late afternoon of 25th March.

With a wide smile and enthusiasm to report on the pressing issues within the multicultural UK society, Zhuliyana Boyanova took a cup of earl grey tea and headed straight to London Liverpool street train station to get to grips with the surprisingly welcoming atmosphere of one of the busiest stations in Europe.

After spending 7 months outside the country and more than 8 hours of travelling our reporter was overwhelmed by the craziness surrounding the station at the rush hour. The busiest European capital was bathed in spring sunshine which allowed Zhuliyana to enjoy a refreshing walk in North London’s Finsbury Park, a space that often becomes a venue for summer concerts.

IMG_4133 copy
Liverpool Street Station business at rush hour


After recharging her batteries with some of her family members and friends, Zhuliyana prepared herself for the coverage of the sixth annual international journalism conference at the London School of Economics tomorrow. More information about the event that will discuss the following General Elections in May 2015 will follow on our website.

Travels to the United Kingdom to report on the increasing inequality between rich and poor and the lack of youth engagement in politics.