Identeco is Esperanto for identity.

It is Identeco’s mission to help you identify Europe. Travelling to three corners of the European continent; Northern Ireland, Italy and Serbia, the eleven reporters of Euroviews 2019 are dedicated to bring you personal and unique stories. Our identity is intertwined in our culture, our history, our language, our religion, and much more. Not only our differences, but also our similarities are what define us.

Meet our reporters here.

First row, from left to right: Oscar Barragan, Rosana Bautista Benito, Ane Briones López, Suzanna Demey, Merve Kayicki, Lotte Rud Kragelund.

Second row, from left to right: Frederik Mahieu, Anastasia Marcellin, Lilly McKenzie, Claire Poel and Liv Østerstrand Rasmussen.