Venice is drowning in visitors

Even though several attempts to put a stop to the increasing number of tourists have already been made, people are still going to Venice. Every year, 30 million people are travelling to experience the real Venice. But Venice today isn’t […]

Managing waste in Milan

In Milan, almost 60 percent of the waste is differentiated for recycling. That makes the city one of the frontrunners in Europe, but there’s still some way to go with 800,000 visitors coming every year.  Plastic pollution and waste management […]

The science of miracles

Dr. Edoardo Linoli said he hold real cardiac tissue in his hands, when he analysed the relics of the Eucharistic miracle of Lanciano, Italy. The phenomenon of Lanciono dates back to the eighth century. A monk, who had doubts about the […]

Feeding the soul

If there’s something that unites Italian families, it’s food. Nothing like a good feast to bring all your loved ones together. Easter, which is just around the corner, is the perfect excuse to sit around the table and enjoy the […]