What is your drive in life?

The need to upskill ourselves will always be there. The job market is constantly changing; new skills are always going to be sought out for. Technology will always evolve, therefore, if you do not keep up, it will set you back.

False: China is acquisitioning more EU companies during Corona times

Earlier this month, on April 12th, Margrethe Vestager, the executive vice-president of the European Commission gave an interview to the financial times, “European countries should buy stakes in companies to stave off the threat of Chinese takeovers, the EU competition chief has said, as Brussels steps up plans to protect businesses fighting for survival during the Covid-19 pandemic.”

Having a Corona fright

In this episode, Maria Cazacu interviewed a young Austrian nurse who commutes across the border to Germany every day. In this episode, Melone gives us an insight into how it is to work with corona patients every day and come home from work not knowing whether she has the virus and potentially infecting her family.

Life during the pandemic: Panic shopping

It was one of the most surreal moments of my life. Through the entire process of buying my essential products while waiting in line to pay, I observed people’s behavior and reactions to the entire situation. It all started with us sitting around the table in the common room of our dorm. My Danish mates were listening intensely to what the Danish Prime Minister had to say at a press conference late in the evening. With my Belgian and Romanian friend sitting next to me, we could only read their expressions and try to catch some familiar words from the Prime Ministers speech. Thirty minutes into the conference,one of my Danish friends broke the silence “so its official, Denmark’s schools and universities are closing as of tomorrow”, he said with a serious tone.