Ramadan during confinement: A homecoming to basics of the religion

Ramadan during confinement: A homecoming to basics of the religion
In this time of health crisis, Ramadan is in turmoil. Places of worship are closed, and family gatherings are prohibited, preventing Muslims from practicing Ramadan as they used to. In every corner of Europe, believers are returning to their faith and taking advantage of these difficult times to find new ways to reconnect with their families and friends.

The day I hated my job..

Nowadays, all the newspapers, Tv channels and radio programs are talking about coronavirus. In a world in stand still, it’s not easy not to fall into the vicious circle of fear and panic. And the media has a responsibility in this…

The feeling of being powerful

Since we are locked inside 24 hours a day, it’s normal to want to do something during this crisis we are facing. Giving your blood is one of the easiest things you can do. Behind the work at the donation centers, reality often catches up with us. I was barely 21. And, celebrating your birthday under coronavirus times was definitely not something that I would recommend. The birthday wishes were as varied as “Good luck in this difficult time”, “Do you know someone who has corona?”,“Is your family okay?”. I was a French student in Denmark, and I was feeling useless. I was pretty sure that I wasn’t the only one having this feeling. Between the four walls of my bedroom, I was going nuts. While I was watching the news, hearing about the doctors, teachers, cashiers, farmers helping in many ways to help our countries, I realized that me, a 21 years-old girl, with both my legs and arms, I could also act. Being powerful.