Vertically farming for our current crisis, and for the future

While Covid-19 has shown the fragility of industrial food systems and supply chains, local growing—like Agricola Moderna, a hyper-local vertical farm in Milan—might function as one critical solution. this episode, Sydney Bartos will be reporting more in-depth on urban growing communities and the local food movement during crises, and how these farming communities and the local food movement are working to create more sustainable and resilient food systems.

Take me home

My dad first voiced that he thought I should come home to Canada from my study abroad in Denmark in the first week of March. It was before the novel coronavirus had caused most European governments to sound their alarms and before any major lockdowns outside of Italy had ensued. Initially, I had dismissed the idea. Denmark had experienced merely a few cases, and I naively thought the spread was containable. It seemed unnecessary to upend the life I had just established in Aarhus, Denmark, where I was supposed to stay until June. But meanwhile, the virus was quietly spreading to all corners of the globe. Two weeks later, cases were surging worldwide. Europe had become an epicentre of the outbreak. The United States wouldn’t be far behind.