The changes to Athenian nightlife

When you walk around in the historic city of Athens, it is easy to see how the place has been affected by the crisis. Shops have closed down, refurbishment has slowed down and you see the people who has been struck the hardest begging on the street. But when the sun sets and the bars open, it is hard to believe that the people of Athens are a people of a crisis.

Athens, Greece – There is no doubt that the crisis has taken it’s toll on the life of the Greek youth and affected the way of living in many different ways. One would expect that Greeks no longer can afford to go out and have fun, but the lively streets of a moonlit Athens tells a different story.

According to Spiros Pliatsikas and Thodoris Dimitropoulos who makes up the duo Amateurboyz, DJs and founders and organizers of some of the biggest parties in Greece’s capital, the Athens party scene has seen change in recent years. But the doesn’t mean that the Athenians love partying less than before the economic crunch.

‘’The Greek people will always love partying, it is part of our culture and tradition.’’ Says the duo.

The way of partying for Greeks has however changed since the crisis.

‘’Some people who lost their jobs opened new clubs and bars as it was an easier way to make money. It is very smart business wise because it is safer money. There is a bigger market for partying and being a DJ now’’ they say.

The increased competition and market for partying has taken its toll on the creativity of the event planners.

‘’I think people’s creativity has been affected by the crisis – it is all about the business side of things and about making money, it’s a thing people quit their jobs to do because it’s safer money.’’


Thodoris Dimitropoulos and Spiros Pliatsikas make up the party planning duo Amateurboyz and have seen first hand how the Athens nightlife has changed. Credit:
Thodoris Dimitropoulos and Spiros Pliatsikas make up the party planning duo Amateurboyz and have seen first hand how the Athens nightlife has changed.

Although the Athenians like to go out, they now tend to save their money and just go out in the weekends rather then all the days of the week.

The duo doesn’t believe however, that the young crisis generation are using partying as a way of escaping from their economic issues.

‘’People find others way of escaping than through partying. People still go out, but they maybe drink less alcohol and save money that way.’’

However, being a club owner or event organizer in Athens today isn’t easy.

‘’Profit is not the same anymore. The club culture has changed and competition has increased. There are new bars opening every day in Athens. The after hour parties have come back and the party scene is more demanding now.’’

Although the competition has increased, Pliatsikas and Dimitropoulos’ business hasn’t suffered much from it.

‘’The competition is quite friendly, we make sure that we are not planning parties at the same times as our colleagues and we also invite each other to come and DJ at each others events. ‘’

Another factor that has changed about Athens party scene is the number of tourists coming.

‘’There are more tourists now than before. Athens has become a destination in the same way as it’s surrounding islands. Going just to visit Athens wasn’t really a thing before, but that has changed and the party scene is now more international.’’

The duo has however experienced the crisis first hand, and believe that their lives would have turned out differently if it hadn’t happened.

‘’It has been hard, and it is difficult to say what will happen next now. It affects everyone, people have lost their friends who have moved away to other cities, but also gained new ones who have moved to Athens as a result of the crisis.’’