Sundays in Greece are no longer off

Santorini, Greece – One year ago, the Conservative Greek party changed Trade laws in order for businesses to stay open on Sundays as an attempt to combat recession and reduce unemployment. However, according to small businesses this was only an attempt to favour big stores, as small shop owners cannot afford to hire more personnel for Sundays in times of crisis.

Supporters of this move believe that it will help create up to 30,000 new jobs, but Greeks are highly skeptical of this and still believe they have the right to Sundays off.

On the islands, however, the situation is different. Despite the fact that businesses cannot operate on a yearly basis due to the lack of tourism during winter months, youth unemployment figures are way lower and working on a Sunday does not seem to affect workers as much as in Athens. In the Island of Santorini, employees just work seasonally and seem not to worry much about the recent changes in laws.

Meanwhile, Last Sunday protests against the Sunday Trade Laws sparked all over Athens and other regions on mainland Greece.