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I’m Alice Louise Schoutsen, the curious Belgian & the tallest person on our team. I want to become a famous video journalist. Learning seven languages is my other goal in life. In other words, I live for big dreams in the future and I want to learn every day. I believe that next to working hard, my necklace will help me achieve these goals. I literally sing all the time that people even get annoyed by it. Also, I laugh at everything, sometimes people don’t even get why. Given that my zodiac sign is Sagittarius, I like adventure and being outdoors – which unfortunately is pretty difficult in these corona times.


I am Andréa, a 20-year-old French girl born and raised in a small town called Chartres, not far from Paris. I love writing, which is the main reason why I went into journalism, and my favourite fields are art and profile features. I study my bachelor of journalism at a university in Scotland and will graduate from there next year. Right now, like the rest of the group writing for you here, I am part of the Europe in the World programme until June. I hope you enjoy reading the stories we share on this website. 

Jonas Bisgaard Kristensen. Danish. Probably the only contributor on this website old enough to have had a profile on Myspace. Sausage critic. Former resident DJ at the department of psychology at Aalborg University. Bad loser but a great winner. Usually wearing headphones. Not great but also not bad at all sports except volleyball. Suck at volleyball. Some friends call me Kresten. Award winner.


This is Jon Larratxea, a 20-year-old Basque journalism student. In my stories, you will see many hidden sides of different stories that have not yet been covered. When I decided to start studying this degree, I decided that my goal would be to give those who have never had the chance to express themselves a microphone. I want to give the ones who have never had a chance a strong voice. Hope you like my stories and feel free to share them. 

Bună! My name is Maria, I have been involved in journalistic work for the past three years. This field has contributed to my present knowledge on how to analyze events in the world and try to understand what factors could be behind them. Traveling and building new connections are my main interests. Through these two aspects, I can understand people’s culture and lifestyle on a personal level. 


Olà! My name is Marina Marcondes. I’m a 22-year-old Brazilian journalist in Europe to become an international correspondent. I’m passionate about travel and entertainment, in which culture articles are my specialty. While on exchange, I’m adventuring in economic and political texts. This experience is essential to elevate my writing and attract a wider audience. I’m excited and ready to face new challenges.

Hi there, I am Olivier. It is important to me that people make up their own mind. I do realise that objective information is a necessary tool to avoid believing in false truths. This is why I want to be objective, observe and share my findings. I enjoy delving into a wide range of topics to broaden my knowledge. I love to explore new places meet, interview people and share my experiences in the form of text, imagery and sound. 


Bonjour! I’m Perrine Basset from France. Always with a camera on hand, I like the idea of capturing the world in pictures. This year in Erasmus allowed me to travel and discover new cultures. French with a very imperfect English accent, I’m particularly interested in stories full of humanities. Tell me about feminism, equality and solidarity, I can write entire pages! Since an internship in the youth press in France, I have been particularly interested in media education for children. I’m convinced that we can change the way we look at journalism by educating children…

Приве́т! My name is Polina, and as you might have gotten, I’m from Russia. Before entering university, I was choosing between political science and art history, but somehow found the golden mean in journalism. Media is a very wide, interesting and influential sphere, and one of the most important things here is to find “your own voice”. And keep a sober mind, curiosity and a bit of skepticism. Besides journalism, I am keen on photography, art, literature and traveling through Europe. This exchange program for me is a great opportunity to work in a multicultural environment on some great projects. 


Hi, I’m Puck Wagemaker. I’m born and raised in Wijk bij Duurstede, a very small and idyllic town in the Netherlands. The town’s windmill is even quite famous. A painting of the windmill hangs in the Rijksmuseum, just a couple meters away from Rembrandt’s famous Nightwatch. Even though I love this little town, journalism has made me go to bigger cities, Utrecht and Aarhus (Denmark). As a journalist, I’m interested in making stories about clashes in society, which often brings me to unique places. I once ended up in a brothel in Brussels. I’m looking forward to see where Euroviews will take me!

Hi, I’m Sydney. I’m from Vancouver, Canada, but I’ve also called New York City home, and more recently Toronto, where I’m currently completing my journalism degree. Having grown up on the west coast of Canada, I’m into anything outdoors-y—skiing, hiking, camping, surfing. I think solo-travelling is one of the best things one can do. I like to write about how climate crisis intersects with everything else—politics, travel, fashion, food. I’m currently working to reduce my own environmental impact. I’m usually reading someone’s autobiography, or listening to a podcast about just about anything.