INTERLINKED is a website covering how we are all related to one another. By documenting the way people interact and how they engage with communities we want to give a look into the way that people are linked to each other and the effects this has on society as a whole.

Before the outbreak of COVID-19 the INTERLINKED-team was planning to travel to different places across Europe to observe how the connections between people play a role in different aspects of lives. Just like many other plans, our plan to travel and report on topics in different countries within Europe have however been canceled.

On this site we are still focussing on the connections between people. The outbreak of COVID-19 has major consequences for everyone and is something that we can’t ignore. So we did decide to write about Communities during the time that the corona-virus is spreading across the world.

At the moment the spread of COVID-19 across the globe has a huge effect on daily life in Europe and the rest of the world. Individuals and the groups that they are part of are responding in all sorts of different ways to the virus and the measures that governments have set up to control the outbreak.  

Even though these measures have physically separated us from each other most of us seek contact with our fellow humans away from us. A lot of us are getting through these times by getting cosy with those close by, having a good time and helping each other out. A lot of people are convincing each other to follow rules and stay in quarantine. Others are coming together breaking the rules out of boredom or because they can’t handle to be separated from each other any longer.

Meanwhile, certain sectors that society heavily relies on such as the medical circuit and the food sector try to cope with the situation. For this labour people working in these sectors are greatly appreciated by the public which expresses this in various ways. 

Think, for example, of the news that came from Italy. Dozens of people stood on their balconies to give the nurses a big applause. Schools, universities and companies that are not essential during these times are trying to continue their activities as normal as possible but are having challenges or are not able to operate at all. The situation gets many of us thinking about what is really important in the world and how we all relate to each other.

It is clear that the quarantine-situation as it’s called by the public highlights  the need  to reach out to one another that most of us have and how in certain cases dynamics between people are changing. We are challenged with the task of reporting on topics across Europe stuck at home physically zoned off from the rest of the world. This means that we will have to do research and get in contact with sources through digital means. We are looking forward to provide you with content in different forms covering a wide variety of community-related stories.

Interlinked is part of the EuroViews project based at the DMJX – Danish School for Media and Journalism. Our team consists of young reporters from all over Europe and beyond.


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