Mostly False: “Gargles with warm water, salt or vinegar eliminate corona virus”

A supposed coronavirus prevention formula was circulating in the internet in previous weeks. According to the text, shared on the WhatsApp platform by Brazilian users, gargling with water, salt and vinegar is sufficient to eliminate the virus from the person’s throat, where it “stays for four days before going to her lung” (data given by the same text message). This mixture, supposedly, will prevent the virus from reaching the lungs and prevent critical medical problems caused by this infection.

Depressive thoughts tripled among young adults

In this episode, interlinked reporter Alice Schoutsen wonders how her dorm mates are doing. Figures from national public health institute Sciensano show that depressive thoughts have tripled among young people. She focuses on her British dorm mate Jessie Stroud (22), who, just like her, is studying in Aarhus, Denmark, for a semester.

Creating a home 2500 kilometers away

In this episode, Jon Larrachea will get the testimony of a little Spanish community that are spending the Coronavirus pandemic in Aarhus, Denmark. They will give us a description about their decision of staying in Denmark instead of coming back and which benefits they get from gathering with more Spanish students.

A new set of wonders

Emmanuel Macron announced on Monday an additional month of confinement for France, news that did not make the French happy. It was to be expected, yet, it felt unreal until it happened; and many more questions are raised as a result. With these, also come a lot of debates.

Vertically farming for our current crisis, and for the future

While Covid-19 has shown the fragility of industrial food systems and supply chains, local growing—like Agricola Moderna, a hyper-local vertical farm in Milan—might function as one critical solution. this episode, Sydney Bartos will be reporting more in-depth on urban growing communities and the local food movement during crises, and how these farming communities and the local food movement are working to create more sustainable and resilient food systems.

Coronavirus and business: coffee industry perspective

For this episode Polina Kireeva interviewed Ralf Ruller, CEO and founder of The Barn, best Specialty Coffee Roaster Europe & Middle East in 2019. Together they discussed coronavirus impact, “coffee for hospitals” initiative, business driven by sense of community and solidarity, and opportunities in crisis.