‘The E/Quality of Life’ website is created by the 2021 International News Reporting students; showcasing our final pieces of work in aim to cover important stories affecting young citizens in the world today.

For older editions, go to https://euroviews.eu/archive-and-contact/

We have also uploaded work from our EU Workshop – where we conducted pieces concerning the issues occurring in the European Union.

During our time at DMJX we have learnt to explore interesting and meaningful stories, internationally, to expand our knowledge in the field of Journalism that we aspire to work in.

We hope you enjoy reading!

Responsible editor: Asbjørn Slot Jørgensen
Contact: asbo@dmjx.dk, +45 2175 2125, www.dmjx.dk
Helsingforsgade 6a, 8200 Aarhus N, Denmark

International News Reporting Class at The European Commission 2021