Staff Page

Maren Krämer | Editor

Maren (she/her) studies multimedia journalism in Stuttgart, Germany. She enjoys deep-diving into all kinds of stories, but recently found herself writing more and more about sustainability, culture and society

Teresa Schachtl | Editor

Teresa (she/her) studies communication science and psychology in Munich. She likes stories about political and human rights issues and is very passionate about creating infographics and excel sheets. If she is not doing that you can find her on skiing slopes, hiking or eating.

Linnéa Strömberg | Style Editor

Linnéa (she/her) studies journalism at Stockholm University. She enjoys journalism as exploration, as trying to understand to the core of a place or issue. On her free time she’s usually traveling, reading, painting or overthinking.

Alena Harciníková | Photo Editor

Alena (she/her) is studying journalism in Prague’s Charles University. She looks at the world from three angles – how to photograph it, how to write about it and how to record an audio story about it. If you want to make her talk, ask her opinion on brutalist architecture.

Olivia Wynkoop | Proofing

Olivia (she/her) is a student journalist from San Francisco State University. She’s previously interned at three hyper-local publications and served as managing editor, social media editor and reporter for her school paper. She’s also dabbled in travel magazine writing for an English-speaking Swiss publication, Newly Swissed. Set to receive her bachelor’s degree this June, she looks forward to working as an editor and environmental reporter for a Bay Area news wire under the Poynter Koch Media & Journalism Fellowship. She hopes to combine climate policy with human-interest stories in her reporting.

Greg Kennedy | Proofing

Greg (he/him) studies at City University of London on a BA Journalism programme. Radio and reporting on sports, foreign affairs and current affairs are amongst his specialities. Find Greg and his tunes @pressmusic.

Kyran Berlin | Design

Kyran (she/they) studies journalism and criminal justice at San Francisco State University. They are an avid podcast consumer and creative writer, but most enjoy reporting on LGBTQIA+ issues, entertainment, and social justice.

Stanislav Hodina | Tech

Stan (he/him) studies journalism at Charles University in Prague. His passions are good movies, sports and politics. He also likes to chat with random people, so if you want to know him better, don’t hesitate to contact him.

Camila Soumastre | Infographics

Camila (she/her) studies Journalism at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Her areas of interest are human rights, policies related to gender equity, immigration and social movements. Follow her on Instagram as @csoumastre.

Jess Johnson | Social Media

Jess (she/her) studies Journalism, Media and English Literature at Cardiff University. She is interested in all types of reporting, but her favourite and most interesting topics are within society, culture and current affairs.

Kyeonghwa Kara Yang | Social Media

Kara (she/her) studies Media; English Literature and Language at Sookmyung Women’s University in Seoul. She’s interested in movies, physical activities, and cooking.

Asbjørn Jørgensen | Councelor

Asbjørn (he/him) teaches journalism in international programmes. His nerd areas are news, research/analysis, reportage, international politics and media, and international news reporting.


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