Endometriosis – what the women of Denmark need you to hear 

By Jessica Johnson

Linda Tosti and Karina Ejgaard Hansen volunteering at Endometriosis Association stand at Lady Walk event. Linda and her two daughters on left hand side, next to Karina Ejgaard Hansen on right hand side. Ulrik Bak Kirk, researcher, on right side. Photo by Peter Lubben.

Patients of endometriosis have shared their agonising stories of living with the insurmountable condition, in a bid to raise awareness and to help younger patients.

Infographic by Jessica Johnson. Info from World Health Organisation.

Endometriosis is a life altering disease that attacks a women’s menstrual organs, as the uterus tissue lining grows on outside structures. This global and ongoing disease is rarely in the forefront of school education or healthcare agendas, so three danish women have come forward to share their personal stories of adapting to life with endometriosis.

Infographic by Jessica Johnson,
statistics from Research Gate

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